This multi-faceted program aims to address clinical inertia amongst specialists when treating diabetes and giving them the guidance and confidence, based on real world evidence, to intensify treatment with GLP-1RAs when appropriate.

These independent medical education resources include a live webinar from Busan, Korea, in which leading experts from different regions will present case studies and discuss new and emerging GLP-1RAs usage. Coming soon are some expert-authored interactive patient case studies, which will put into practice real world data, in a format to test yourself with self-assessment questions. Lastly a freely downloadable Infographic booklet provides you with a set of key clinical decision making graphics, derived from the ADA/EASD Consensus Report published in Diabetologia journal, in an easy to read format.

On-demand webcast

Chaired by Melanie Davies, this interactive IME webcast focuses on treatment with GLP-1RAs, based on real-world data, and the emerging landscape of GLP-1RAs in the context of approved guidelines. Our international panel of experts compare the efficacy and safety profiles of GLP-1RAs with SGLT2s and how to implement this knowledge to make the correct clinical decisions at the right time in localized healthcare settings.

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